Thai Herb Garden

    Thai Herb Garden Is a leader in drug research from the snake venom of Thailand By using snake medicine to combine with both Thai herbs and traditional plans to develop snake medicine that is good for health Our products are very popular with consumers, such as the Uyanon, which helps to nourish the spleen and stomach. Jia Tung Drug that helps detoxify the body and prevent ringworm disease. Herbal bags that help maintain muscle pains according to the body, etc. In addition, we also have a snake watching zone with a tropical rainforest pattern. And an exciting snake show To thank the tourists who have always supported us.

Quality assurance

    From natural herbs To quality products, consumers can be assured that all of our procedures are clean and safe. Natural raw material selection To standardize the important substances of the finished product through a thorough design process. Advanced analysis for measuring important substances as specified from the office Food and Drug Administration Committee And our products have been standardized Through modern production and certified by GMP production standards PIC / S (Manufacturing Practice: Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme) with every step of testing before delivering products.