Properties of snake venom

    Snake venom is a natural mechanism for protection from enemies. And finding victims Each type of snake venom is very different. Researchers have discovered that in addition to snake venom, it is harmful to animals and humans. Also has properties that can be used to make medicine as well. The researchers studied components in snake venom Found that the protein that is useful in snake venom Can be used for anti-cancer drugs, heart disease, diabetes or in the cosmetics industry itself A variety of brands are used to mix snake venom in cosmetics to help slow down the aging process, similar to using Botox. From protein research The mambalgins of the Black mamba snake, one of the venomous snakes It was found that the venom of this snake can be used as a painkiller that works with the pain signal. The pain-relieving ability is equivalent to morphine. The researchers tested the protein injection. mambalgins in mice before throwing into a hot spring found that mambalgins can actually suppress pain And without any side effects such as drug resistance or respiratory arrest In the future, we will see new research. Which studies about the action of mambalgins with humans Constituents in snake venom that can be used to make medicine There is still interest to researchers around the world to experiment and invent thoroughly for the benefit of the health industry. In the near future, we will have drugs that have excellent performance. Brought to relieve the suffering of suffering Used to treat diseases that are out of treatment Or even bring health to prevent various ailments Which if researched and tested well We could see many other drugs made from snake venom.

Past-Present Medicine

    Thai traditional medicine or traditional medicine is a knowledge inherited from the wisdom of the ancestors. In the past, there was no modern technology to help. Villagers who are sick must turn to rely on doctors who live in the village community. Which these doctors have brought knowledge from the textbook of experience notes And telling from an older doctor Became a dependency for villagers for a long time.

History of herbal use in Thailand

    Thailand has a suitable climate for the growth of various plants. Especially medicinal plants There are hundreds of thousands of species, both naturally occurring and cultivated. Some types are used as raw materials for modern drug production. Many herbs Is used in the form of home medicine, traditional medicine, the foundation of Thai herbal medicine is mainly influenced by India.